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Teachings on the Prayer to Vajradhara

  • Bodhi Path Hong Kong Unit D-E, 16/F, E-Trade Plaza Lee Chung Street, 24 Chai Wan Hong Kong, China (map)

Pengkar Jampal Zangpo's ‘Dorjechang Thungma’ (Short Prayer to Vajradhara). 

'This Prayer has the power to open our hearts to the Lama and so allow transmission to occur.' 

'This very beautiful Kagyu prayer is included in the Guru yoga part of the Kagyu Ngondro. The prayer is very important because it has two purposes: firstly that when we chant this prayer and meditate, it brings about an enhancement of mahamudra itself, so the prayer is a way of giving rise to mahamudra and stabilising the mahamudra experience; the second benefit of this prayer is that it contains the major stages of the Kagyu path, so that if one wants a very short summary of Kagyupa teachings one can find it in this beautiful short prayer. '

Lama Jampa will give three teaching sessions using the commentary by Karma Chagme Rinpoche:

Friday 15th -7.30pm: Prayer to Vajradhara 

Saturday 16th -  2.30pm: Prayer to Vajradhara

Sunday 17th -2.30 pm: Prayer to Vajradhara

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