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The Triple Vision and Initiation of Manjusri

  • Dechen Stuttgart Sakya Dechen Ling, 141A Alexanderstrasse 70180 Stuttgart Germany (map)

Saturday 10.30am to 12.30pm and 3pm to 5pm

This important text by Konchok Lundrub is an explanation of the first part of Lamdre, the path and its fruit. Lama Jampa will continue with the teachings on impermanence and go on to those on precious human birth.

His Holiness 41st Sakya Trizin says of the text: 
"For those fortunate practitioners who want to achieve liberation, this text is like a staircase, an excellent medicine which eliminates the suffering of living beings, and a valuable object which surpasses even the wish-granting jewel."

Initiation of Manjusri*

Sunday 11am to 1pm

Manjushri is the supreme embodiment of wisdom in Buddhism. For this reason his meditation is undertaken by those who seek to develop a profound understanding of the teaching. This particular initiation is from the collection of Bari Lotsawa.

*Please note that in order to receive this initiation you must have made the formal commitment to the Buddhist Path through taking refuge. If you would like to take refuge before the event please contact the centre at

For further information: sakyastuttgart