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The Four Limitless Meditations

  • Karma Migyur Ling, France Montchardon, 8900 route de Montchardon 38160 IZERON France (map)

The four immeasurables of unlimited love, compassion, joy and equanimity are at the heart of the development of Bodhicitta, the altruistic inner attitude that aspires to enlightenment in order to achieve the happiness of beings and their liberation from suffering.

Unlimited love is to cultivate a benevolent attitude towards all beings, to wish them access to temporary and ultimate happiness. Unlimited compassion wishes all beings to rid themselves of the causes of the suffering that binds them to this conditioned existence, to samsara, and prevents them from achieving liberating enlightenment. Unlimited joy soothes all jealousy, envy or competition with others by generating the attitude of rejoicing in the happiness of others. Unlimited equanimity develops an impartial attitude towards all beings, exceeding aversion for its enemies and attachment to its relatives.

Lama Jampa will explain how to practice the development of these qualities in a methodical way. In his latest book "Wisdom in Exile" (Ed. Rabsel 2017) he devotes an entire chapter to this subject where he details the close relationship between wisdom and compassion and qualifies them as "natural" because they are rooted in the true nature of our mind.

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