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The Buddhist Path and Initiation of Namgyalma

  • Dechen Bristol, UK Bradbury Hall, Waterford Road, Henleaze Bristol BS9 4BT UK (map)

A Garland  of Jewels by Chogyal Phakpa

10:30am - 1:00pm

This celebrated text by Chogyal Phagpa was composed as a manual of instructions for the 13th century Mongol Prince Gibek Timur. In 204 verses it covers the entire Buddhist path, from the level of a beginner to that of full enlightenment. The first part of the teaching provides guidance for a good life; the second one outlines the path for liberation and the final major section  - the distinctive features of the Mahayana path. The text is beautifully written which makes it especially accessible.

The Initiation of Namgyalma

2:30pm - 4.30pm

Namgyalma (Ushnishavijaya in Sanskrit) is one of the three main Buddhist deities of longevity, along with White Tara and Amitayus. She is also associated with the development of transcendental wisdom. Revering and meditation on Namgyalma grants both mundane and transcendental siddhis. The most important of her mundane accomplishments is preserving and strengthening life energy, the granting of long life. Her profound siddhi is the swift accomplishment of transcendental wisdom.