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The Notion of Emptiness in Buddhism

  • Karma Euzer Ling Center for Buddhist Studies, 14, Rue de Babylone La Remuée, Normandie, 76430 France (map)

Patterns in Emptiness

Saturday and Sunday 10:00am - 4:30pm

In connection with his forthcoming book ‘Patterns in Emptiness’ Lama Jampa will reference texts from across the Buddhist canon in order elucidate the teachings on emptiness and interdependent origination.

‘All phenomena have an existence on a relative level but according to Buddhism are devoid of existence proper to the ultimate level.  This is called the emptiness of phenomena.  This reality is extremely difficult to achieve, but it is only this that determines our access to liberation from the cycle of rebirths. 
This emptiness, however, is not a nothingness, it only defines what does not exist: an existence in itself. 
This emptiness therefore refers to the notion of the interdependence of phenomena, to their composite aspect, whatever they may be.’

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