Lama Jampa's message to Dechen Sangha concerning recitation of prayers and mantras in response to the ongoing difficulties in Nepal.

Dear Dechen Sangha,

In response to the renewed problem affecting Nepal and in particular the dangers to Tegchen Legshay Ling, Karma Thinley Rinpoche has asked me to request the members of our centres and groups to recite the following prayers for the next month from today onwards:

Chenrezi mantra, Green Tara mantra, Vajrasattva mantra and recitation of the Heart Sutra.

We will collect the total numbers recited so please let your local centre or group co-ordinators know your individual totals by 10th of June. Centres and groups may also wish to organize the relevant pujas in which these mantras can be recited.

With best wishes and blessings,

Lama Jampa Thaye


12th May, 2015