A week of teachings in Mexico

Lama Jampa arrived in Mexico from Los Angeles on Sunday April 9th to an eager Mexican sangha. Thirty people saw Lama-la in private interviews during the first few days.

On Tuesday 11th Lama Jampa gave an inspiring general talk on Buddhism followed by a session of Q&A that clarified many issues related to compassion, the perfections of patience and moral discipline, and how protection is understood in Vajrayana. 

For the next four mornings, Lama Jampa taught Thokme Zangpo´s 37 Practices of a Buddha's, child, including  a lot of detailed explanations. In the afternoons, he conferred four initiations: Sakya Pandita combined with Manjusri; Chenrezik Mahamudra; Buddha Shakyamuni and the 16 Sthaviras; and Red Tara. With these teachings newcomers who took refuge will be able to join the Chenrezik pujas each week at Sakya Dolma Ling, and the whole sangha will be able to celebrate the four annual Buddha days together.

It was a lovely, productive and very inspiring week of Dharma teachings in Sakya Dolma Ling.