Dechen Summer School 2017

Lama Jampa began the second week at Sakya Changlochen Ling by giving the initiation of White Tara Chintamanichakra (Wishfulfilling Wheel) and then later in the day the lung (reading transmission) for the practice.

For the next few days Lama Jampa taught the tri (detailed instructions for the practice) to those who hadn’t received them before, or who needed to refresh their memories. At the same time attendees who were already familiar with the practice commenced the retreat, doing three two hour sessions each day. 


At the end of the final session of practice Lama Jampa reflected on the fact that the centre here in France was blessed earlier in the year by HH the 42nd Sakya Trizin, having already been blessed three years previously by HHthe 41st - ‘after that had happened I think we couldn’t help but have a wonderful time together.’ 

Lama Jampa went on to say more about how to maintain auspicious circumstances for practice at Sakya Changlochen and beyond: ’I’m really very happy that everybody was able to be here and study so well and practise together so well and look after each other so well - three great things really, to study and practice and to look after each other in the sangha. If we continue to do this how can we not have great success? And also so auspicious, because of course our community is, through Rinpoche's own background and devotion, is devoted to two great traditions of Sakya and Karma Kagyu. So that’s why it’s particularly auspicious that there are also a lot of Kagyu practitioners here this week. And also of course it’s very auspicious that we’re located very close to the seat of the Karma Kagyu in Europe, His Holiness Karmapa’s seat at Dhakpo Kagyu Ling,and of course they’re really like a kind of sister centre to us nowadays. So that’s also really auspicious for the flourishing of our centre and the flourishing of dharma as a whole. This sense of fellowship and respect and affection between different traditions,  different sanghas, different centres,  is absolutely vital for the dharma to work and endure in the West.’

He concluded by mentioning the building development at Changlochen planned for the autumn, and the stupa proposed for the site recently blessed by HH Ratna Vajra Rinpoche. 

Lama Jampa's next teaching will be in Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK  - click here for details