Mindfulness and Kagyu Buddhist Prayers with the Bodhi Path in Valencia

Mindfulness in Buddhism

Over one hundred and fifty people attended a lecture on Friday February 2nd in which Lama Jampa distinguished the authentic Buddhist understanding of the nature and role of mindfulness from recent fashionable notions. The event was hosted by the University of Valencia and a recording will soon be available to listen to on Lama Jampa's Soundcloud.

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Teachings on the Famed Kagyu Liturgy ‘The Short Prayer to Vajradhara’

On the Saturday and Sunday, Lama Jampa gave teachings on the famed Kagyu liturgy known as ‘The Short Prayer to Vajradhara’ at the Bodhi Path Centre located just outside Valencia.

In addition to the local sangha, people attended from as far afield as Geneva and Manchester.

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