Patterns in Emptiness in Paris and Normandy

Lama Jampa and Dechen Dolma traveled to Paris and Normandy in France from 21st to 25th of March.

Espace Bouddhiste Tibétain, Paris

In Paris, at Espace Bouddhiste Tibetain, Lama Jampa gave a talk based on the first two chapters of his new book ‘Patterns in Emptiness’, published by Rabsel Editions only a week ago. The book saw first its French edition under the title ‘Des Arabesques dans la Vacuite’. The English edition will be out in early autumn.

On the next day there was some time for contemplation on impermanence at the famous cemetery Pere Lachese. Death doesn’t spare even the greatest.

Karma Euzer Ling Centrer for Buddhist Studies, La Remuée, Normandy

On the Saturday Lama Jampa gave a teaching on Emptiness, for which he used the forth chapter of his book ‘Rain of Clarity’, Viewing Madhyamaka. He ended the teaching with the joke that with or without Brexit, we will always be together: as we heard in the teaching there isn’t any real Brexit or even any real European Union!

During the visit there were many discussions with Arnaud and Celine about future publishing plans.

On the next day Lama Jampa and Dechen Dolma arrived back in London after a long and arduous journey. The rumours for industrial actions of the French Eurostar workers proved to be true.