Explaining the Vajrayana at Dhagpo Kagyu Ling

Lama Jampa has just completed four days of teaching on his annual visit to Dhagpo Kagyu Ling in France where he gave the first part of the 'General Presentation on the Tantra Sets' by the great scholar and logician Sonam Tsemo (1142 - 1182), the second of the Sakya founding lamas. This cycle of teachings follows on from other profound Vajrayana texts by the Sakya masters which are contributing towards Dhagpo's longer-term students' and teachers' education in higher philosophical teachings and Vajrayana. The thorough and detailed Tantra Sets teaching is set to continue over four years. 

It was with great pleasure that Lama Jampa was received at Dhagpo, and his style, erudition, and humour were much appreciated by the audience of sixty-five, including several monks and nuns. The topics covered were the superiority of the Mahayana Path, and the differentiation between the ordinary or common and the extraordinary or uncommon Mahayana path. The very skilled and enthusiastic translator, Audrey Desserrières, did a marvellous job keeping up with the Lama's explanations, staying close to his original words.