Teachings from the Kagyu Tradition in Yorkshire

The Precious Rosary of the Supreme Path (continued)

For the first weekend in September Lama Jampa travelled to Yorkshire to continue with the teaching and transmission of Gampopa’s classic text.

On the Saturday Lama Jampa taught two sessions on the text. The chapters covered were:

These are the 18 hidden evils of practitioners

These are the 12 indispensable things

These are the 11 marks of a holy person

These are the 10 things of no benefit

These are the 10 ways to accomplish ones own disaster

The commentary as always was of profound clarity as line by line was shared and carefully explained by Lama Jampa. This particular session also had a wonderful element of detailed dharma history woven into the teaching concerning the early Kagyu lineage masters .

In addition Lama Jampa gave a wide and in depth explanation about the dharma in general, emphasising the invaluable nature of what we have inherited, and describing how we can understand and practise this treasure in “whatever contemporary world setting” we find ourselves.  He also reminded us that in receiving these teachings we have a great responsibility for the survival of the dharma in the West as it is down to us whether it grows to help people or is destroyed by misinterpretation and misuse. At the end of the teaching Lama Jampa gave a  question and answer session which was much appreciated by everyone.

Lama concluded by encouraging everyone to study this teaching.

On Sunday morning he held informal meetings with individuals at the Harrogate Buddhist centre, Kagyu Dechen Dzong.

There will be two final days on the teaching and text in 2020 but these have not yet been fixed.