Lama Jampa teaches in Germany

Lama Jampa visited Sakya Dechen Ling, Stuttgart on the weekend of 25- 26 June. He taught the first half of the Teaching of Atisha at Ngari, and gave two initiations: Yellow Dzambala from the lineage of Bari Lotsawa, and Green Tara from the lineage of Atisha. 

This teaching was given by Atisha to his disciples as an informal text, but the lines he spoke show us in a very direct and powerful way how we can tell if our dharma practice is sincere.

The events were attended by sangha from Bodhi Path and Dhagpo centres as well as Dechen.

Sakya Dechen Ling are now making plans for the major cycle of teaching on the Triple Vision, the foundation text of the Lam Dre (Path and it's Fruit) of the Hevajra Tantra.

Lama Jampa will teach the final part of the Atisha text during his next visit to Germany on 24-25 September.