Teachings at Dhagpo Kagyu Ling

Students came from France and beyond to receive a week of teachings in the beautiful Dordogne region.

Lama teachng 14 RD's day 1.jpg

During the weekend Lama Jampa gave two days of teachings on Interdependent Origination. Puntso, head of Dhagpo’s Program writes: ‘With his talent for doing so, he [Lama jampa] explains in a concise, precise, and well-thought-out way, “Phenomena - external (matter) as well as internal (mind) - do not appear randomly or based on an outer entity. They appear according to causes and conditions, a succession of constantly changing causes and results. The world is in a flow of constant change. This flow is conditioned co-arising.”

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For the following five days Lama Jampa continued his transmission of the Fourteen Root Downfalls of Vajrayana, a detailed presentation of the vows and pledges which become an integral part of the path of the uncommon Mahayana.