Book launch, teachings and blessings in California

Lama Jampa visited California from July 5-17. He began his visit with a visit to Ewam Choden in Berkeley where he gave a weekend of teachings on Shamatha and Vipassana based upon the instructions in the Triple Vision.

On Thursday July 13, Sakya Buddhist Center Santa Monica hosted the US launch of Wisdom In Exile: Buddhism and Modern Times.

The event was held at the center's new location and was a wonderful occasion for sangha and interested people to come together to hear Lama Jampa talk about the genesis of the book and outline its key themes. 

The following day Lama Jampa returned to Sakya buddhist Center Santa Monica to carry out a traditional ceremony of blessing of the new building and shrine.

Lama Jampa concluded his visit with further teachings from his seminal work Rain of Clarity and the Initiation of Sanjay Menla.

Photos by Sam Harwood and Fred Tyler