Lama Jampa in Bodh Gaya

Lama Jampa and family arrived, on the 10th December 2018, in Bodh Gaya, India, the place of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment.

The 4th International Karma Kagyu Conference

There they attended the Fourth International Karma Kagyu Conference, which was attended by Rinpoches, Khenpos, Lamas, monastics and lay people, mainly from the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal and Ladhak, but as far west as California and as far east as Hong Kong.

Communication and the Preservation of the Lineage

Lama Jampa presented a paper on the challenges, opportunities and strategies related to communication within the Karma Kagyu and with other traditions.

This topic was amongst key themes, which included: preservation of the Kagyu transmission lineage, supporting and stengthening the monastic institutions, and continuing to develop the philosophical colleges and retreat centres.

Lama Jampa was at home amongst the senior Tibetan teachers, some of whom had also been around during the time of the 16th Karmapa, His Holiness Rigpe Dorje.

There was a common purpose, to preserve and provide appropriate circumstances for the continued flourishing of the Karma Kagyu school, which was close to the hearts of all participants at the conference.

Visit to the Bodhi Tree School

During a one day interlude, in the conference proceedings, Lama Jampa and family, at the kind invitation of Thule Jug, Karmapa’s official photographer, visited The Bodhi Tree School, which, thanks to the generosity of Thule and others, has grown from lessons under the shade of a tree, to hosting 750 children, 40 of whom with special needs, over three campuses, thereby providing a traditional education to many children from local impoverished families.

His Holiness Karmapa was the guest of honour at the school award ceremony, where His blessings and support for the children, staff and patrons of the school were greatly appreciated.

Visit to the Maha Bodhi Temple

Afterwards, Lama Jampa and family visited the Maha Bodhi Temple, stupa and Bodhi Tree, where they paid their respects to this sacred site, and Lord Buddha’s unshakable realisation of wisdom and compassion.

Fortuitously, a handful of people from the Dechen community met Lama Jampa and family, at the stupa and went on to enjoy dinner at the, go to Tibetan eatery, the Om Cafe.

Concluding speech by His Holiness Karmapa

The conference concluded on Saturday 15th December, at Beru Kyentse’s monastery, with concluding remarks made by His Holiness Karmapa.

The core aspect of His Holiness’s speech was to reflect on how far the Karma Kagyu Tradition has come, specifically, how it has grown in such a natural way, through the blessings of the Kagyu Masters and the devotion and clarity of devotees around the world.

Accordingly, His Holiness concluded that a “a successful future depends mainly on the inner practices, which if strengthened will be automatically coherent with the administration”, of monasteries, centres and groups.

Lama Jampa and family spent some private time, after the conference, with His Holiness and look forward to returning, next year, to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and again discuss how the Karma Kagyu may continue to sustainably flourish.


Great photos of all events by Thule Jug on Karmapa’s website