A guide on the path - teachings from the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism

The Precious Rosary of the Supreme Path by Dharma lord Gampopa

On Saturday 28th April Lama Jampa gave teachings on The Jewel Garland, composed by the great Kagyu master Gampopa, a treasury of advice on practising genuine dharma. It unifies the two streams of spiritual instructions that descended from the early Kadam tradition and the Mahamudra lineage of Indian and Tibetan masters. Gampopa himself declared that to receive this text and its companion work, The Jewel Ornament, would generate a blessing that was equal to that of meeting him face to face.

Who is this teaching suitable for?

This teaching is appropriate to all levels of experience and knowledge from that of a total beginner onwards. It's a teaching from the heart of the Buddhist tradition but it can speak to anyone who has asked themselves ‘What must I do to find the truth? What must I do to be happy? How can I bring something good to others? How do I find peace within myself?

Lama Jampa Thaye

How should we receive the teaching?

Lama Jampa when on to explain that it is very important when we attend such teachings that we have the right kind of approach. As Buddha explained many times, the quality of an action and the fruit that it produces is very largely dependant on the motivation in taking that action. So here we are sharing some of the Buddha's teaching but the context is not like in a school or university course on Buddhism when the motivation is essentially intellectual curiosity. We have come to share the teachings from a religious point of view; we want to use these teachings on ourselves. These Buddhist teachings are instructions on how we might transform our way of seeing the world, of being in the world, of acting for others, and finally if we follow them fully and properly they may even lead us out of the cycle of suffering, out of the cycle of birth and death.

Lama Jampa led two periods of meditation during the day and the event concluded with a robust question and answer session concerning the teachings he had shared.

Giving refuge and personal advice to students

On Sunday morning people came to the Harrogate Buddhist centre of Kagyu Dechen Dzong to receive Refuge from Lama Jampa.   Members of the sangha and people who have been attending calm abiding and study groups at the centre were then able to speak to Lama Jampa personally for clarification and guidance in their practice. 

What next...

Lama Jampa advised those who attended the teaching to study this text carefully both alone and in study groups before the next section is given later in the year (Saturday September 8th  2018).

A Personal Take on the Weekend

Chrissie Taylor, a long time Buddhist and student of Lama Jampa’s writes of the weekend:

Nine hundred years ago Gampopa wrote and yesterday the Lama taught A Precious Rosary of the Supreme Path, turning our sense of loss and gain upon its head ….. he spoke to me and my friends, you and yours, of things we know and those we rarely want to find in our hearts.

Next day at the Centre we brought our own lives as an offering to the Lamas eye, somethings to be coaxed to grow, others less worthy to be put to bed.

Downstairs, quiet now, much to think of, little needing to be said.’