Lama Jampa teaches in Norway

Bodhi Path Stavanger

Bodhi Path Stavanger, Norway was established in 2011 by permission of the 14th Shamarpa. Following the wishes of Rinpoche Lama Jampa has given teachings at many Bodhi Path groups and centres in the USA and Europe, and was happy to make this first visit to the Stavanger group.

Buddhist Teachings - and How to Receive Them

Bodhi Path members and members of the general public attended a weekend of teachings on buddha nature, the Rays of the Immaculate Vajra Moon, written by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye.

The venue was the Radisson Blu hotel.  As the majority of attendees were new to Buddhism, Lama Jampa gave a general introduction on the first evening to prepare people for the following days.

Lama Jampa gave detailed and accurate teachings, taking his time in explaining them in a slow manner in respect of the audience.

Over a period of two days, with two sessions on each day, Lama Jampa managed to work through this guide to the Great Madhyamaka view. Teachings were also given to help the audience to listen to and receive the teachings. Lama Jampa used the example of the glass turned upside down, where no information can be taken in, the glass with the hole in the bottom, where information just “goes in one ear and out the other”, and the dirty glass containing impurities, exemplifying the mind when it is clouded by negative emotions. He also spoke about lack of faith (i.e. confidence) and how this can prevent one from connecting the teachings to everyday life, as well as the other obstacles of distraction - when the mind is occupied with everything else that is going on - inappropriate attention, and discouragement.

Study Group at Bodhi Path Stavanger

All who attended the course were very happy with the weekend and were inspired to continue studying the text, with a study group at Bodhi Path planned for the autumn.

Teachings 2019

The sangha have invited Lama Jampa to return to Stavanger in 2019 to continue the teachings.