Mind Training for Wisdom and Compassion in London

Last weekend Lama Jampa taught a short mind training text from the Collection of 100 Mind Trainings (Tib: Lojong Gyatsa). Forming part of the oral tradition of teachings brought to Tibet by Atisha, this text, ‘Mind Training in One Session’, was first written down by Chim Namkha Drak, abbot of Narthang Monastery and one of the masters of Chogyal Phakpa, the fourth of the five founders of the Sakya tradition.

The text focuses on a concise series of meditation instructions for the development of both compassion and wisdom through conventional and ultimate bodhichitta respectively, using the lojong practice of ‘sending and taking’ (Tib: Tonglen).


In the afternoon Lama Jampa bestowed the initiation of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Sixteen Sthaviras. The puja known as The Sixteen Sthaviras, in which prayers are made requesting them to protect the dharma, is practised on the four annual Buddha Days. Many Dechen centres follow this tradition and so to enable people to take part in these auspicious events Lama Jampa also gave the reading transmission (Tib: Lung) for this beautiful practice.

Lama Jampa concluded the day by reminding us of the essential elements which make up our dharma practice and enable us to accumulate the necessary merit and wisdom for progression on the path. Firstly, there is the receipt of the teachings themselves; secondly our individual schedule of study and practice; thirdly the study and practice that we do with the sangha, the third jewel of dharma; and finally there is the practical work that we do for the dharma, supporting our centres to make the path available to others.