A Precious Rosary of teachings in Hebden Bridge

The Precious Rosary of the Supreme Path

On Saturday 18 May 2019, Dechen Hebden Bridge welcomed Lama Jampa Thaye to this unique Yorkshire Town to continue the teaching on The Precious Rosary of the Supreme Path.

Over a hundred people attended the teaching, twenty of whom were attending a teaching for the first time as personal guests of Dechen.

Notes on the teachings

The Lama emphasised that when it comes to our habitual habits we need to make sure that we apply the appropriate antidotes and do not mix them up. We need to continually check our motivation and remind ourselves to let go of the Eight Worldly Dharmas. He also stressed the absolute necessity of relying on the Lama and our own efforts in studying the dharma that we have received. With this we will gain clarity so that we can have complete confidence in the meaning of the teaching and not need to rely on blind faith. 

The freshness and the contemporary value of the teachings shone throughout the day and bought a very joyful presence to proceedings.

Lama Jampa will return to Hebden Bridge in 2020 to continue the teaching (date to be arranged).