A Visit to Warsaw

From 30th of April to 5th of May Lama Jampa visited Khyenkong Karma Kagyu Poland, a dharma centre established under the wishes of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche and Jamgon Kongthrul Rinpoche.

The programme in the next few days was very dense - a lecture in Warsaw University on the first evening, titled 'Is Buddhism a Religion?', a three day teaching on Gampopa"s 'Jewel Ornament of Liberation' and a two day course in the weekend with a topic 'Wisdom in Exile' named after the latest book of Lama Jampa. The questions that followed in the weekend were so many that Lama-la had to abandon his notes for the talk and dedicate his time to answering all of them. 

There was a little bit of free time - just enough to visit the old town and the magnificent light display of the fountains, narrating the love story of the man Wars and the mermaid Sawa, which of course ends with the beginning of the city of Warsawa. It is great to know that such a authentic Karma Kagyu centre is flourishing in Poland.